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Trent Pre-Med Society

A society for students aspiring to be in any field of healthcare


What is the Trent Pre-Med Society 

Trent Pre-Medical Society is a student run club, elected by the members of Pre-Med society that work to be a source for students who are interested in a career anywhere in the spectrum of healthcare.


Provide information to help students to gain more insight, knowledge, and  experience towards a multitude of careers.

Host events tailored towards different fields in healthcare

Provide a space for students to connect with students of the same interest, ask questions, and learn


Blood Sample

# Meet and Greet

Pre-med trivia night

# Donor Recruiting with with Canadian Blood Services Info Session

# How to be a good applicant?

Writing on a Clipboard

# Changes in Healthcare due to the pandemic

# Race and medicine

# Let's talk: What is after Trent?

# Windows into Healthcare


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